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Shawn's Fun Server is a 2.1.x server, with awesome Gms! Pleas join our server and be admaze.
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 The forum and game rules.

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PostSubject: The forum and game rules.   Mon Jul 16, 2007 4:09 pm

You MUST follow these rules if you do not want kicked/banned from the server. These rules, in my opinion, are very easy to follow and I hope everyone can have a fun time on the server, while following these simple rules..

No hacking. If you truly need to go to a place fast, ask a <GM> for help, hacking is NOT the answer.

NEVER ask for levels or gold. The rates on the server are AWESOME so you can get most money on your own, and Dungeon 1 - Tier 5 vendors in Orgammar and Stormwind City.

Do NOT spam, Forums or Server. All spam does is show how immature you are and you will possibly get banned for doing this.

If you found out information from someone about Events, please keep them to yourselves. Telling people about an event before it is needed to ruins the fun of the event.

Respect every GM. The Moderators here do not appreciate it when users disrespect anyone, especially us GM's. When found being disrespectful, you will get a Warning, A 2 hour jail, 24 hour jail, banned. In that order.

If rules want to be edited by any of the Moderators, feel free to do so.

Thank You,
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The forum and game rules.
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