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Shawn's Fun Server is a 2.1.x server, with awesome Gms! Pleas join our server and be admaze.
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 Technical Support

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PostSubject: Technical Support   Mon Jul 16, 2007 4:48 pm

Q: When I connect, it says "Unable to Connect", what should I do?
A: What is wrong is the server is offline. Private Servers are ran off someones Computers, and that computer needs to be running for the server to be running. The Server owner, or the Private Server Host is Shawn, so if you see he is offline, the server will usually be offline too.

Q: How do I get an account?
A: Ask a gm or get on ventrilo and they will make you an account.

Q: Can I be a gm?
A: Usually no, but if we find that you can earn your spot as a , such as knowing Programming, Scripting, PC Languages, etc., it is possible for you to become a . We usually ask people if they want to be a , and don't advise you ask to be one unless you have SQL skills.

Q: My character has been deleted, what happened or what should I do?
A: Well, the server may have been completely shut down and/or crashed, or someone hacked your account. Mainly, your account is safe for hacking, but if you do get hacked, report it immediately!


If you need help with problems, you need to contact me. I have many ways of being contacted, but uses these Contacts for the quickest answers, sometimes instantly!

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) Username: FarFarAwayKing
Hamachi: <GM><FOwner>Michael
Server: Michael

If you cannot get answers within 48 hours, please contact me on the server!
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Technical Support
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