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 Hand of Death!!!

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PostSubject: Hand of Death!!!   Mon Jul 16, 2007 7:10 pm

Ok, this event is gonna be one of the hardest event's i will do. What will happen is I will have a lot of HP, and do normal damage. The object is to try to kill me. There are gonna be three stags.

Stag 1: Flying = 2min
Stag 2: Healing = 1min
Stag 3: uber damage! = 3min
Stag 4 last stag: I take no damage! = 2min

^^repeat 10 times^^
What stages will do:
Stag 1, is the flying stag. I will use range spells.
Stag 2, is the healing stag. I will use healing spells till i have full hp.
Stag 3, is the uber damage stag. I will go all damage on everyone.
Stag 4: is the no damage stag. I will take no damage!!!

^^If you die you can get one rez whenever you want, ask Shawn for the rez when you die.^^

So if you can kill me you will get:
A life time of gold.
Any char's you may have will get a life time of gold! and any armor or weapons they want.
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Hand of Death!!!
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